Top 5 Romantic Birthday Cake Ideas for Girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Cake Ideas for Girlfriend

Are you confused about which cake to gift your girlfriend on her birthday this year? There are a wide variety of birthday cake ideas to impress your girlfriend. The special lady of your life deserves special treatment. Apart from gifts, cake adds more life to a party. And when it is her birthday, you need to understand her taste and get her a cake she would love to see and eat.

Different Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Here are some of the fantastic birthday cake ideas for your girlfriend.

1. Truffle

It is a dark chocolate truffle cake with cherry toppings loaded with cream fillings. It is a single-layered special cake for all the girls who love chocolates. It is delicious as you can never deny anything in chocolate. Most girls love chocolates, but still, you need to know your girlfriend’s taste before you can book this delight.

Truffle cake

The round shape chocolate bomb comes at a reasonable price. Its standard available size is half kg and is enough to serve 4 to 5 people. The diameter of the cake is 6 inches. If you are an along-distance lover, you can book the chocolate truffle online to reach your girlfriend’s doorstep on her birthday. The package will include knives and candles as well to complete the overall birthday preparation.

2. Red Velvet

It is one of the most common birthday cake ideas and is still famous and loved by all. This red velvet flavor cake comes in a heart shape and uses the cream as the center ingredient. A half kg red velvet cake is enough to serve 5 to 6 people. This handcrafted romantic delight is the best cake for your girlfriend’s birthday.

Red velvet cake

It is not a unique cake design but still rules the heart of all ladies.  If you are distance lover, go online and choose the delivery time and your surprise parcel will be sent to your lady love. In case of, if the cake is early to her doorstep then ask your lady love to store it in the refrigeratoras it is a fresh cream cake.

3. Kit Kat cake

Kit Kat stands as one of the oldest but most favorite chocolate wafers of all. It is a chocolate-filled cream cake surrounded by Kit Kat bars all around the round-shaped cake. Gems are scattered from the top of the creamy top layer. Half kg quantity of this cake is enough to serve 5 to 6 people.

Kitkat cake

The diameter of this cake is around 6inches, and it comes with candles and knives if you order this cake online. For distant lovers, go online and book this chocolaty delight for your girlfriend. It will reach to your loving lady on her special day. It is one of the best birthday cake ideas of all.

4. Valentine Heart Cake

It is a chocolate flavor heart shaped cake which is textured from the top with fruit cream. It comes in a standard size of one kilogram and can serve around 12 people. It is 9 inches in diameter. If you are ordering this cake online, then you will get a hand-delivered parcel with quality packaging.

 Valentine Heart Cake

This handcrafted cake is one of the best birthday cake ideas which are loved by all the girlfriends in the world.No girl can ever take her eyes off from heart-shaped chocolate-filled creamy birthday cake. For distant lovers, ask your girl to store this cake in the refrigerator if in case it arrives early and takes it out half an hour before she plans to cut it.

5. Rose Cake

Now you need to switch your options from chocolate flavor to vanilla which is a classic flavor for all cake types. Rose Cake is a round-shaped vanilla filled cake with a rose design on top made up of fruit cream. Its standard size available is 1kg and is a semi-fondant cake.

Heart shaped Rose Cake

If you want to add some figurines and elements, you can request to the bakery for it. Keep in mind that additional figurines might require toothpicks to stand on the base of the cake. Remember to take them out before serving it to any kids. It is amongst the creative birthday cake design ideas for girls as it has roses; it has vanilla and is tasty.

These are the top five birthday cake ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday. For all the distance lovers out there, now you can order cakes online and give your girlfriend the feeling of your presence this birthday. This year, your mission must be to give her an endless smile for at least an entire day. Your cake must symbolize your love, your emotion, and your affection towards her. So, buckle up and order your favorite cake design for your lady love.

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