Celebration In Mind- A 2kg Cake From Kingdom Of Cake Will Make It Grander

Min-Wt 2 Kg
Beauty of a Woman
Min-Wt 2 Kg
Webby Drive
Min-Wt 2 Kg
Checkered Box
Min-Wt 2 Kg
Life's Song
Min-Wt 2 Kg
Fake Smile
Min-Wt 2 Kg
Defender's hoop
Min-Wt 2 Kg

Do you know the first birthday cake was not a part of the birthday celebration itself, it was, in fact, a present for the birthday boy from a guest? It was a fancy gift in ancient times, as time passed people started incorporating cakes as a part of all the celebrations and it became an integral part of the event and did not remain a gift anymore. Small scale celebration, with more or less 20 to 25 people will need around 2kg cake. For parties and events, 2kg cake is generally ordered from a reputed cake shop. People prefer to order to or from their favourite baker so that they are not disappointed.

People living in the area of Faridabad are well aware of the name KINGDOM OF CAKES and rely and trust on it for their celebratory 2kg cake. There is a vast array of choices available, from which you can choose your preferred 2kg cake.

Kingdom Of Cakes- A Place To Go To For All Cake Requirements

KINGDOM OF CAKES is a marketplace which endeavours to provide you with any cake, including the celebratory 2kg cake. At KINGDOM OF CAKES, we serve freshly baked cakes at the shortest period as possible in and around Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram. You can get your cake customized or very well choose from the designs that are available in the menu offered. The cakes are both tasty as well as aesthetically designed; it means they are appealing to both eyes and taste buds.

Steps to Order Online

Now you can get your 2kg cake at your doorsteps in the matter of a few hours by following the steps below:

Step1 – Enter your delivery address
Step2 – Select your favourite cake.
Step 3 – Select your favourite bakery..
Step4 - Make the payment through the secure window of payment.
And, your cake will be at your doorstep within a few minutes.

Stores Under Kingdom Of Cakes

There are several bakeries operating under the brand name of Kingdom Of Cakes. Let us take a look at them.

  • Treats on Board
  • Address: CB-3, Supertech Capetown, Sector 74, Noida
  • The Cakery Shop
  • Address: UGF-06, Amrapali Zodiac Market.
  • The Cake Experts
  • Address: A2/17, Sector 110.
  • Bakester
  • Address: Sector 119, Noida.
  • The Yummy Cakes
  • Address: C 134 B, Shopprix Mall, Sector 61, Noida
  • Sarah’s Bakery
  • Address: C-160, Sector-72
  • The Artisan Bakehouse
  • Address: Logix Techno Park, Tower-C, Sector 127
  • Friend Bakers World
  • Address: Shop-2, PG Wali Gali, Chauhan Market, Sector 62
  • Cakes and Yumms
  • Address: Gaur Sportswood, Sector 79, Noida
  • The Cake Loom
  • Address: E-301 Parsvnath Prestige Sector 93A, Noida
Here, you can either place an order online or visit the store physically to choose the cake of your desire.

Cakes Are Life of Celebration

In the UK around 368 Million Euros are spent per year on cakes, which includes birthday cakes, that means approx 1 Million Euros per day. That’s a lot of cake for everyone. This goes to say that we all need a cake, be it for celebration or just for the sake of satiating the craving, not only for humans, but cakes is a favourite for pets too. Below are a few of the occasions where we want cakes to celebrate the occasion with joy and zeal:


Jobs, be it the first job or a subsequent job change are always a special occasion. We would want a 2kg cake for the celebration of such an important day as all the friends. Family members are invited to the party, which would normally exceed 20 to 25 people; they would all have been waiting to hear this good news. They must have encouraged the person to keep going, no matter how many times he faced rejection in the person’s journey of finding the right job.


No cake means no birthday; cakes are as integral as having the birthday boy/ girl being present in the celebration to cut the cake and mark the beginning of the celebration of the birthday. It will not be wrong to say that cakes being used as an important part of birthday celebrations have somehow made it an integral part of all the celebratory occasions. A 2kg cake is ideal for such birthdays as all your close ones are mostly present at the birthday party, and it would make a suitable amount of cake to serve everyone present.


An anniversary is always special no matter the event it marks the celebration of. If it is a wedding anniversary, the couple forgets all the problems around them, even if they were going through a bad patch in their relationship, the anniversary could bring in the renewed happiness they are in dire need of. Hence, giving a new purpose and meaning to the relationship.

If it is an anniversary of business one has established, the celebration can give a sense of achievement, that the business has come such a long way endured all the hardships and it stands strong looking at the way ahead full of possibilities.

If it is to celebrate years of friendship together, it marks the success of a bond so pure that was made only out of affection and care for each other and years seem to pass by.

All the celebrations are unique and special in their way, even without any grand celebration, a small celebration with 2kg cake can make it special and memorable.


This call for a cake as getting promoted in nowadays is as we all know isn’t a cakewalk. All those long hours of nonstop work and enduring so many obstacles have had finally paid off, and the employee has been promoted, that is an achievement in itself and a small sets the table of celebration aptly. A 2kg cake will suffice the office group’s requirement.

So don’t wait for any longer order in your favourite cake from Kingdom Of Cakes to kick start your celebrations.