About Us

Kingdom of Cakes is a premier and popular destination for lovers and connoisseurs of all varieties cakes to fit all occasions that call for celebration.


To help people express their happiness in a memorable way and build lasting memories of celebrations that will remain to be cherished long after the occasion has passed.

Values & Principals

All our products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and affection as if, they were meant for the most beloved person.

Our bakery partners use the best ingredients, offer fresh bakery products, customized to suit personal tastes, with excellent standards of creativity, and delivered with the highest degree of timeliness and assurance of impeccable quality.

Good intentions in dealing with stakeholders like Suppliers, Employees, Franchisees, Dealers and Consumers yield good products and services.

Kingdom of Cakes have specialized in and gained renown for custom made personalized products, which the client can order as per individual specifications and tastes, together with unique messages, which touch the hearts of the recipients.

Kingdom of Cakes expert staff of designers, customer support, and artist, strive for ongoing creativity and customer satisfaction - we create the dream gift which the client has conjectured in his or her mind.

Kingdom of Cakes is the ‘Celebration King’ with virtually no popular or special occasion remaining outside its range. Clients have now become habituated to celebrate with kingdom of cakes whether birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Children’s Day, etc. Kingdom of Cakes – The name Guarantees. Clients have become accustomed to hassle-free services and blemish-less products, which come with a high degree of creativity and aesthetism.

The prompt and efficient delivery service has been one of Kingdom of Cakes fortes and hallmarks. In a market environment where emphasis by many supplier s of goods and services is only on core products and sub contracting of related ones, for Kingdom of Cakes, the timely and proper delivery of the client’s choices in perfect condition, has always been very much a vital part of the complete process aimed at blameless customer satisfaction.