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The idea of wedding cakes was first originated in ancient Rome, at that time a bread or more of a scone-like wheat or barley cake was broken over the head of the bride by the groom, symbolizing fertility. The guest at the wedding used to scramble to collect the crumbs of the bread/scone-like cake to take home with them for good luck. Later on, the world slowly caught up with the idea of Rome’s wedding cake. England, during the medieval ages, had the tradition of putting up spiced buns in a huge pile, bride and the groom were supposed to kiss over the pile. If they were successful in kissing without knocking the pile of buns down, then it was believed to be a sign of prosperous life together. Nowadays, wedding cakes are a posh affair, with a tiered cake; a 5kg cake is good enough weight to make such tiered cakes. Since it’s a wedding cake, people opt for a professional to bake a 5kg cake.

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Panda Heart
Min-Wt 3.5 Kg
Charming Unicorn
Min-Wt 3.5 Kg
Bright Day
Min-Wt 5 Kg
Fun and frolic always
Min-Wt 4.5 Kg
Butterfly Outfit
Min-Wt 3 Kg
Peck in the rainbows
Min-Wt 5 Kg

For weddings held in and around Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram ordering the 5kg cake from the KINGDOM OF CAKES is always a good idea.

Kingdom Of Cakes- Pro in Wedding Cakes

Kingdom Of Cakes has been catering to the demand of 5kg cake used in weddings. We at the Kingdom of Cakes provide the client with customized, innovative or classic traditional 5kg cake used in weddings. It’s always a good idea to order a wedding cake a few days earlier than the actual wedding date; it gives both baker and the client peace of mind knowing that an important aspect has been taken care of. Kingdom Of Cakes is committed to freshly bake the 5kg cake decorate and deliver it on time to the wedding.

Online Ordering Made Simple

With all the arrangements that are needed to be made and taken care of, related to the wedding, it will be a reprieve to be able to order online and get the wedding cake sorted. With the following simple steps, you can order your 5kg cake in a matter of minutes:

Step1 – Select the location you want your cakes to be delivered
Step2 – Select the cake you like.
Step 3 – Enter Details.
Step4- Go through your order and make the payment.
This is all you need to do, and your cakes will be there at your doorstep.
You may either order online or walk in to get your preferred cakes.

Wedding Cakes- Symbol Of Love And Commitment

Wedding cakes have evolved through time. Previously it was pies that were associated with the weddings. The pies had rings hidden inside of them and the person who would find the ring was said to be next in line of getting married.

Slowly, the wedding cakes replaced the pies due to the taste and popularity amongst people. There used to be two cakes, one from the groom’s side and one from the bride’s side. The groom’s cake was made of chocolate, to symbolize masculinity and the bride’s cake was a white cake to symbolize purity. The groom’s cake was distributed as a favour of the wedding, while the bride’s cake was distributed at the dinner table.

Then the white cake was made globally famous by Queen Victoria’s wedding with Prince Albert. She used a simple white cake covered with icing made of egg whites sugar and lemon juice beaten together until it was stiff, which later came to be known as Royal Icing, due to it being used in the Royal Wedding. After Queen Victoria, a new standard was set by Queen Elizabeth and II and Prince Philip, when they cut their wedding cake with his sword. The cake weighed 500lb and was nine tiers tall. Recently, the Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we saw a white cake but not made of Royal Icing. Instead, they went for a lemon elderflower butter-cream cake.

Wedding Rituals Related to Wedding cakes

Saving the top layer of cake for the firstborn child

In early days the couple used to get pregnant within a few months of the wedding and have a child within the first year of the wedding. So, the small top layer of cake was saved and was eaten at childbirth. Nowadays the couple saves the top layer of cake and eats it during their first wedding anniversary.

Cutting the cake together

In ancient times the bride used to cut the cake alone as a symbol of losing her virginity, but as the cake got bigger, it became difficult for the bride to cut the cake all by herself. Thus the couple started cutting the cake together.

Bride and groom feeding the cake to each other

After the cake is cut, the bride and groom feed each other symbolizing the love and affection for each other.

Tiered cakes

Traditionally the wedding cake was three tired. Ideally, a 5kg cake can suffice a 3 tier cake, and later on the tiers got added to suit the needs of the couple.

The wedding cake has an important space in the grand scheme of the wedding, hence ordering a 5kg cake from the right baker becomes of utmost importance. At the Kingdom of Cakes, we are experienced at handling wedding cake orders. Hence you can place the order of your 5kg cake and be rest assured of getting a quality cake for your wedding.