Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Birthday


Babies are the most beautiful creatures in this world; the birth of a baby is so special for the parents. They always want to cherish the moment; the baby was born as it is precious for both the parents. The 1st birthday of the little kid is always special for the family, so, everyone is much excited about that. You want the best of the things while planning the first-ever birthday party of your child.

Simple Ways to Make Baby’s 1st Birthday More Special

You must have planned to make the 1st birthday a happening and memorable one for all. Generally, people celebrate their parent-hood in 1st birthday of their baby; it is a way of channelizing their happiness. So, every parent wants everything to be special at the birthday party. You can’t miss the importance of the birthday cake while celebrating a birthday. Whether you host a grand party or a simple family party, the cake is a must for celebrating happiness.

Nowadays, you have the luxury to access a wide range of cake designs and order it through online and offline. You can have the best birthday cake on your kid’s 1st birthday by referring some of the unique cake ideas discussed below.

Theme Cakes for 1st Birthday

Theme cakes are ideal for theme parties. The party-lovers mostly prefer these parties as the guests get the opportunity to get dressed as per the theme. Well, in kids’ birthday parties, the theme is usually of some cartoons series or some fantasy or superhero shows that kids like. Parents also opt for some color theme for their child’s 1st birthday because babies like bright colors around them. Therefore, people prefer theme cakes featuring different theme characters on the cake. 

kids 1st birthday theme cake

Photo Cake

Photo cake is trending in most of the birthday parties now. You can feature the photo of your child on the surface of the cake and make it more special. It is otherwise known as a personalized cake, where you have to give a photo to the cake designer while ordering it. The cake comes with a featured photo on the cake. You can order designer cakes online as well as offline stores easily. The professional bakers and designers provide delicious and digitally printed photo cake at your doorstep.

photo cake

Ice Cream Cake

It is one of the most preferred birthday cakes for summer birthdays. An ice cream cake is delightful for the season as it can sooth summer blues along with satisfying the sweet tooth. The cake looks beautiful and drives hunger with colorful sprinkles on top of it. With melting ice cream in a cake, your guests can enjoy the dessert with a whole heart.

ice cream cake

Pinata Cake

You must want the first birthday cake of your kid to be unique as well as good in taste. Pinata bashing cake is one of the unique cakes you choose from a wide variety of cakes. It is a simple cake hidden under a large chocolate dome. The dome is cracked with a hammer to present the cake under it. The cake looks different from other cakes, and the dome is decorated with different colors outside. You can choose your normal flavor and shape of the cake as per your preference inside the dome.

pinata cake

Giant Cupcake

The giant cupcake-shaped cake looks beautiful and different for birthday parties. You can even bake this shape of cake as the molds are available for a large cupcake cake. Otherwise, you can always order birthday cake online, which are highly customized as per your choice and budget-friendly.

Cake with Chocolate Fingers

Chocolate fingers and sprinklers can instantly make any simple cake look decorative. You can bake or buy a simple cake and make some chocolate decorations with chocolate fingers that look beautiful and unique. If you are opting for a simple yet different cake for the 1st birthday of your child, you choose this one without thinking twice.

Character Cake

Small kids love cartoon characters and characters in fantasy shows. People usually order different types of cartoon character shape cakes in various flavors. A wide range of cartoon character shape cakes is available online as well as offline stores to choose from. The characters cakes attract the attention of other kids in the party as well. These kinds of cakes are popular nowadays as kids love the characters most and the cakes look amazing.

1st birthday of a kid is very special for the parents, so they want it to be perfect. You can make the occasion perfect by choosing the best birthday cake that is decorative as well as delicious. The cake may seem like a simple thing, but it is an essential part of every celebration. Now, you can access the customized cakes designed by professionals at an online store at a reasonable price easily.

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